Candidates anticipate Super Tuesday, a huge day in US presidential election

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One of the most important days in the race for the White House in in the United States is known as Super Tuesday, which takes place on March 1. Candidates fro bother parties hope to win delegates in primaries and caucuses in 12 states.

CCTV America’s Nathan King reports.

Super Tuesday explainer

Early voting states like Iowa and New Hampshire are good indicators of a candidate’s popularity within the party. But they offer very few delegates, no more than 2 percent of the total.

That all changes on Super Tuesday.

It’s called “super” because 12 U.S. states and territories all vote on the same day. Up for grabs are some delegate-rich states including Texas, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Georgia. In total, 24 percent of all Republican delegates and 21 percent the Democrats’ delegates are awarded that day.

How those votes are divided depends on different rules in each party, different rules in each state, and how well each candidate does.

Super Tuesday delivers a lot of votes all at once.

Those who do well often go on to become the presidential nominee of their party.

Those who do badly often drop out of the race, finding they don’t have enough votes or money to continue.