Richard Curtis: Taking on the world’s problems

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Richard CurtisBritish filmmaker Richard Curtis discusses his most recent creation, Project Everyone.

While some people merely dream of changing the world, for award-winning British filmmaker Richard Curtis, it’s a reality.

“I’ve got this slogan in my life which is: to make things happen, you have to make things, you can’t just hope,” explained Curtis.

Richard Curtis: Taking on the world’s problems

British filmmaker Richard Curtis talks about his most-recent creation, Project Everyone.

The man behind such international hits as Love Actually and Bridget Jones’s Diary, is also co-founder of the hugely successful Comic Relief and Red Nose Day fundraising events. In life, and on film, Curtis seems to perfectly capture both humor and humanity.

His most recent creation is Project Everyone, an effort to promote the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals which includes a set of 17 objectives to achieve three ambitions by the year 2030: End extreme poverty, tackle climate change and fight inequality and injustice.

“I think it’s a big way to organize the problems of the world,” said Curtis.

A passionate and lifelong philanthropist, Curtis joined May Lee in New York City where he was attending the annual Social Good Summit. He joined others there who are thinking “outside the box” to change the world.