Soo Yeon Lee: Ping Pong passion

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Soo Yeon LeeInternational table tennis champion, fashion model and actress, Soon Yeon Lee talks about expanding the sport’s global popularity.

By thinking outside the box, South Korean table tennis champion Soo Yeon Lee was able to “paddle” her life into a new direction.

At the age of nine, Lee began her competitive career training, extensively, with Olympic Gold Medalist Jung Hwa Hyun. She helped Lee win six titles as the Korean National Junior Champion.

“Table tennis is such a quick sport, it’s a fast sport, and at the same time, you have to think and make a decision in your brain first, before hitting the ball,” explained Lee.

After moving to the United States, Lee spread her wings and began a successful career as a model and actress, but she never gave up her first passion. Now, she uses modeling and acting to help promote table tennis.

Soo Yeon Lee: Ping Pong passion

International table tennis champaion, fashion model and actress wants to increase the global popularity of the sport.

“I had an amazing experience competing in China, but in America, people don’t even know it is an Olympic sport,” said Lee.

These days, she says, it’s not about winning, but encouraging others to have fun by following their own passion. She’s worked with the country of Georgia and its National Youth School Sports League to encourage young girls to hit over the net…whether it’s in table tennis or their other aspirations in life.

On this week’s Close Up, Full Frame caught up with the international table tennis champion, fashion model and actress who is expanding the popularity of the sport at a global level.

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