Young Storytellers: The art of stories

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Young StorytellersYoung Storytellers from Los Angeles prepare to showcase their own screenplays.

Since 2008, funding for the arts has been cut in 80 percent of school districts across the United States.

It’s forced some schools to terminate programs, others worry they simply don’t have enough funds to provide adequate art exposure to students.

So, professional arts volunteers, in both Los Angeles and New York City, decided to think outside the box by bringing arts into the classroom, and help students write their own screenplays.

“I feel like I am letting all my imagination out,” said fifth-grade student Nicholas Ramirez.

The goal of Young Storytellers is to engage creativity through the art of storytelling.

Young Storytellers: The art of stories

Professional arts volunteers help students use storytelling to cultivate imaginative screenplays.

“It’s like night and day, from the first day they come in here to the last day, how much they open up,” explained volunteer Maxx Capps.

As Full Frame Contributor Sandra Hughes found out, the program not only cultivates imagination, but it’s also inspiring children.