China President Xi Jinping visits PLA’s joint command center

World Today

Chinese President Xi Jinping visited the Central Military Commission’s Joint Battle Command Center in Beijing on Wednesday and emphasized that the center must focus on its core function of operation command.

The president greeted the officers and soldiers stationed at the center before underlining the need for creation and reform within the army to build a comprehensive, integrated and effective command system.

Xi, who also serves as the commander-in-chief of the Chinese army, urged the army to implement a set of military strategies and tactics that suit the new domestic and international situation.

Meanwhile, Xi asked officers to change to think innovatively to tackle difficulties in building a joint battle command system that is “absolutely loyal, resourceful in fighting, efficient in commanding and courageous and capable of winning wars,” he said.

Xi also stressed the importance of building a joint operations battle system that can overcome other information systems. During the visit, the president also listened to reports, including ones about China’s recently-restructured battle zones.

China’s move to establish five new theater commands this year is considered a breakthrough and a historic step in setting up a joint battle command system for the Chinese military.

Story by CCTV News.