China promotes development of its robotics industry

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In this April 20, 2016 photo, Jasen Wang, founder of Shenzhen educational robot company Makeblock, poses with some of his company’s products in Shenzhen, China. Once a collection of fishing enclaves next door to Hong Kong, Shenzhen has become the epicenter of China’s manufacturing-driven miracle is staking its future growth on finance, technology and culture. (AP Photo/Kelvin Chan)

China will boost growth of the artificial intelligence, or AI, sector in the next three years, said a statement issued by the National Development and Reform Commission on Monday.

By 2018, China shall build platforms for fundamental AI resources and innovation and make breakthroughs on basic core technology, said the three-year implementation program for “Internet Plus” AI.

The country shall be in line with global AI technology and industries by 2018, it said.

The program will involve key projects such as intelligent home appliances, smart automobiles, intelligent wearable devices and robots.

Government departments shall map out supportive fiscal policies for the sector and boost international cooperation, it said.

China has been promoting the robotics industry as it strives to upgrade its manufacturing sector and address labor shortage.

Last year, China announced the “Internet Plus” initiative to enable more businesses to take advantage of the Internet.

Also last year, China unveiled the “Made in China 2025” blueprint, which aims to improve manufacturing and shift the country away from low-end manufacturing to more value-added production.

Story by Xinhua.