Mainland spokesman: Taiwan must clarify cross-Strait stance

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Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, answers questions at a regular press conference in Beijing, capital of China, May 25, 2016. (Xinhua/Chen Yehua)

A Chinese mainland spokesperson said Wednesday that Taiwan’s new leader Tsai Ing-wen must, without equivocation, clarify her stance on cross-Strait ties.

In her inaugural address Friday, the new Taiwan leader chose to be ambiguous, Ma Xiaoguang, spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, said at a regular press conference

In addition to clarifications, Taiwan must also take practical action recognize cross-Strait history.

Tsai said nothing of the 1992 Consensus, which sees both sides recognize there is only one China, but agree to differ on its definition. There was also no mention of the 23 agreements signed by both sides since 2008, when a regular communication mechanism was established, Ma said.

Tsai also offered no concrete proposal to ensure the peaceful and stable growth of cross-Strait relations, he added.

Only affirmation of the political foundation that embodies the one-China principle can ensure continued and institutionalized exchanges between the two sides of the Taiwan Strait, he said.

“The issue is a question that must be answered — it cannot be evaded,” said Ma.

The spokesperson also said the mainland opposes all separatist activities advocating “Taiwan independence” in the name of amendments to the law.

“[Without the one-China principle,] There would be no political trust and adverse impacts are sure to follow,” Ma told the press conference.

The Chinese mainland deals with Taiwan’s external relations under the one-China principle, Ma said, adding that Taiwan’s participation in the World Health Assembly since 2009 has been a special arrangement based on the one-China principle.

Story by Xinhua