The Heat: The far reaching impact of world hunger

The Heat

Why are millions of people still suffering and dying from lack of food and malnutrition?

Last Saturday marked World Hunger Day, with the international focus again on the major problem that impacts about one in nine people on earth. According to U.N. figures, that’s close to 800 million.

Most of the world’s hungry live in the developing world – parts of Asia and Sub-Saharan African are two of the worst hit areas.

One of the most disturbing statistics is the number of children, just over 3 million who die from poor nutrition each year.

Western countries, like the United States, are also dealing with hunger issues. For more global perspective, CCTV America’s Roee Ruttenberg reports.
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    • Jay Naidoo, served as a minister in the Nelson Mandela Cabinet during the first post-apartheid governmnet in South Africa. And, he’s the former Chair of the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition.

For more on what the United Nations is doing to fight hunger and how big a problem is hunger in India and the United States:

  • Rita Sarin, director of the Hunger Project in India.
  • Greg Barrow, the U.K. head of the United Nations World Food Programme.
  • Jonathan Bloom, an author and journalist who write about food waste.

Hunger can be eliminated in our lifetimes. See what we’re doing to make it happen from World Food Programme.