Lenovo unveils upcoming smartphones at tech event

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Lenovo launched two new smartphones at Lenovo Tech World. CCTV America’s Mark Niu reports from San Francisco.

Lenovo unveils upcoming smartphones at tech event

Lenovo introduced two new smartphones at its annual Lenovo Tech World event in San Francisco.

The Phab2Pro is the result of the partnership between Lenovo and Google on the Augmented Reality, project Tango.

The Phab2Pro is equipped with four cameras on the back that allow users to overlay virtual images in the real world-without having to wear a headset.

It can also navigate indoor and measure objects virtually.

The $500 Phab2Pro is schedule to hit stores globally in September, 2016.

Yet one phone was not enough for Lenovo. Lenovo also unveiled two new Motorola phones: the MotoZ and Moto Z Force.

Introduced by Ashton Kutcher, the MotoZ incorporates MotoMods – which are snap on components that add such features as extra battery power or a projector that displays a 70-inch image.

Johnny Lee the Tango Engineering Director at Google shows the augmented reality capabilities of Lenovo’s new Phab2Pro smartphone.