Orlando shooting vaults gun control, Islam into political race

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Orlando shooting vaults gun control, Islam into political race

The mass shooting in Orlando, Florida has sparked a political battle between the presumed U.S. presidential nominees, Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton.

CCTV America’s Jim Spellman reports.

Orlando shooter's father Seddique Mateen on Orlando shooting

Omar Mateen's father Seddique Mateen said he saw his son just hours before the murderous rampage, said he "became another person" and said he had no knowledge that his son purchased guns. (NBC video)

Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of downplaying the threat of terrorism, and again vowed to temporarily block Muslims from entering the United States. Clinton calls this proposal inflammatory.

Sarah Kate Ellis discusses the Orlando shooting and the LGBT community

For more on the fatal shooting at the Pulse, the gay nightclub in Orlando, Florida and its impact on the LGBT community CCTV America’s Asieh Namdar spoke with Sarah Kate Ellis, CEO and president of GLAAD – a U.S. LGBT advocacy group.

Scott Stewart on the Orlando shooting

For more on the devastating shooting at the Orlando, Florida and how terrorism and security were impacted by it, CCTV America’s Mike Walter spoke with Scott Stewart, vice president of Tactical Analysis with Stratfor, Inc.

David Katz talks about the Orlando shooting

For a larger look at the fatal Orlando shooting on Sunday at a gay night club, CCTV America’s Jessica Stone spoke with David Katz, the CEO of the Global Security Group and a former DEA agent.