The Heat: Legacy of the US War on Terror

The Heat

After 15 years of war in the Middle East, what is the legacy of the U.S. war on terrorism?

The invasion of Afghanistan in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks was followed by the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Major victories like the capture of Osama bin Laden came along side crushing defeats, including thousands of U.S. troops and civilians dead. Despite promises to pull out of the region, U.S. troops still remain in both countries.

CCTV’s Jim Spellman reports. Follow Jim Spellman on Twitter @jimspellmanTV

For more on the legacy of the U.S. war on terror and ongoing fight against global terrorism:

  • Andrew Fyfe, an Iraq War veteran and Bronze Star recipient. He’s also the Moreland Perkins Fellow in philosophy at the University of Maryland.
  • Tim Takaro, co-author of “Body Count,” a report detailing the casualties of the War on Terror.
  • Peter Kuznick, history professor at American University and co-author of “The Untold History of the United States.”
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