The Heat: China’s push for innovation

The Heat

The Heat: China's push for innovation

China wants to be one of the world’s innovation powerhouses by 2020. Can the country transition from being the world’s factory to being its innovation engine?

China has catapulted to the top of the world’s economies using its manufacturing prowess. But with manufacturing on the decline and a slowing economy, the country looks to new areas to boost growth., with innovation at the top of the list. China is hoping to push innovation in technology, science, agriculture and energy, to secure the country’s economic future.

CCTV’s Wang Hui explain China’s ambitious growth plan from Beijing.

For more on China’s push for innovation we interviewed a panel of experts.

    • He Wanqing, vice-chairman for China Computer Federation Young Computer Scientists & Engineer Forum.
    • Wu Jun, a venture capitalist with Amino Capital and author of “Artificial Intelligence Era.”
    • Carmen Chang, partner and managing director of the Asia program with New Enterprise Associates.
    • Joanna Lewis, professor of Science, Technology and International Affairs at Georgetown University.