China’s first around-the-world flight lands in Washington DC

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Screengrab from UAERO video.

Pilot Zhang Bo landed a single engine turboprop aircraft in Washington D.C. area Saturday as part of his round-the-world flight.

CCTV America’s Serena Lin reports from Manassas airport when Zhang lands.

The trip is believed to be the first flight around the world originating in China in a propeller-driven aircraft.

Zhang began his 40,000-kilometer (25,000 miles) trip from Beijing 10 days ago and will make 49 stops around the world passing 20 countries. He aims to finish circumnavigating the world in less than two months.

Map by Cody Jastromb/CCTV America

Map by Cody Jastromb/CCTV America

Part of his flight path will cover the Silk Road, the ancient trade route that connected China to Central Asia and Europe.

Zhang has more than 600 hours of flying experience.

The flight is sponsored by Avjet Routing Flight Support and UAERO China which is updating the trip on Avjet’s Facebook page and website. The flight demonstrats Avjet’s capability of delivering global flight support, according to a press release.

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