Chinese manufacturers aim to bring “Made in China” to higher level

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Chinese manufacturers aim to bring Made in China to higher level

China is the world’s largest manufacturing economy. Enterprises are working very hard to make their products more competitive in the global market.

CCTV’s Xing Zheming visited one enterprise that invests in Hangzhou to see how it is working to bring the “Made in China” label to a higher level.

Chinese manufacturers aim to bring "Made in China" to higher level

Joyoung is among many Chinese manufacturers that focus on innovation and constant upgrades. Together they represent the new "Made in China" label. CCTV's Xing Zheming reports.

For many Chinese people, a glass of warm soy milk is what’s best for breakfasts. Put the soybeans in, add water, and minutes later, you can enjoy the healthy and smooth drink.

Making this traditional drink at home was not easy before a soy milk machine was invented by the founder of Joyoung in 1994.

The product has now won over Chinese families. So far, more than 100 million sets have been sold across the country. And the company continues to improve its marketed machine, making it much easier to make soy milk.

The company believes, through innovation, it can upgrade Chinese families’ kitchens.

“We hope more customers can see that we are not only a brand that produces home appliances, but see how our products can make the process of cooking easier and happier, as well as produce more nutritious food,” Zhou Kai, Joyoung’s branding director said.

The company hopes to keep up their products with China’s fast changing society.

The company’s success comes after years of dedication in R&D and a strong team of workers in the production line. To improve efficiency and product quality, the company streamlines the manufacturing process. Now only five workers are needed to assemble a soy milk machine.

Joyoung is among many manufacturers that focus on innovation and constant upgrades. They represent the new “Made in China” brand.