Michael Faye: Giving directly

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Michael Faye GiveDirectly Co-Founder Michael Faye talks about donating funds directly to those in need.

Imagine giving cash to someone in need, with no strings attached. They could do use it however they chose. It may sound odd, but that’s exactly what GiveDirectly, a top‐ranked international charity, does.

Michael Faye is the co‐founder and executive chairman of GiveDirectly.

“If I’m sitting in a room in New York or D.C. or London, it’s going to be a lot harder for me to understand what that recipient or poor person needs than for themselves to know what they need,” Faye explained.

Michael Faye: Giving directly

Michael Faye: Giving directly

GiveDirectly Co-Founder Michael Faye talks about donating directly to those in need.

The organization advocates for direct giving to people with the most need. Its research-based model essentially eliminates the middleman by quickly and efficiently transferring funds from donors right into the hands of those who need it most.

“You’re really putting trust into the poor and allowing them to make decisions on their own behalf,” Faye said.

From New York, Michael Faye joined May Lee in our Los Angeles studio to discuss how the organization is changing charity as we know it.

  • Rev. Enock M. Muktar

    Dear Michael Faye, i have just watched you being interviewed by CCTV America. You have made a tremendous impact on my heart because you are an answer to the cry of our hearts for the poor. “YOU TRUST THE POOR ENOUGH TO GIVE TO THEM DIRECTLY ALLOWING THEM MAKE A DECISION WITH THEIR MONEY”!! This is a revolution you have started!! It has never happened before!. Many NGOs, Foreign Governments even Grants give (for poverty reduction and economic empowerment) through intermediaries. Sadly, IT NEVER REACHES THE POOR that is why Poverty is still rampant especially in the third worlds!

    The Lord bless your work the Lord Jesus said as you remember the poor and give because it is more blessed to give than to receive. (Acts 20:31)

    You are an answer to our prayers!
    I hope that your Organization shall also reach the South Sudan poor directly when sustainable peace comes.

    Rev. Enock Mikaya Muktar
    Overseer: Church of God world Mission south Sudan – Juba County
    Chairman: Salama Churches/Khartoum and Juba
    phone + 249 999 799 335