Libyan government troops push out ISIL from Sirte

World Today

The U.S. military said its forces carried out 10 airstrikes on Libya’s seaside town of Sirte over the weekend, in support of the government’s push to eliminate ISIL from the town it took more than a year ago. The Pentagon said Libyan forces on the ground are close to wiping ISIL out entirely.

CCTV’s Stephanie Freid in Sirte has this report.

Libyan government troops push out ISIL from Sirte

U.S. strikes have helped push ISIL into isolation, but the dividing line between fighters and extremists is tenuous.

As those troops move into the extremist group’s former strongholds, they are discovering gruesome remnants that provide a window into the world of ISIL operations.

Once home to 70,000 Libyans, Sirte is a ghost town now populated by patrolling Libyan militia and ISIL operatives. Wondering around now in the city,what remains are blown out buildings, houses destroyed by heavy shelling, and vestiges of intense fighting.