France worried over women joining ISIL terror network

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The arrest of four French women linked to a failed Paris terror plot has exposed the increasing role women are playing within the ISIL terror network.

CCTV’s Kate Parkinson reports.
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France worried over women joining ISIL terror network

Women have long featured in jihadist circles, but largely in secondary roles - as propagandists, wives and mothers for a next generation of jihadis.

In the wake of a string of terror attacks in France, Beur FM has become the voice of France’s Islamic community.

“We debate; we try to understand the phenomenon of radicalization. We try to know who are those young people. How a young man born and raised in France, like me, ended up leaving for Syria and joined ISIL and comes back here to kill dozens of people,” Abdelkrim Branine, chief editor for Radio Beur said.

But it’s not just men. There is an increasingly concern about women, and minors, being radicalized. In the past few weeks four women have been arrested.

Authorities said they were planning to blow up a car and the attack was imminent.

Investigators said one youth – aged just 14 or 15 – had been in touch with French extremist Rachid Kassim and volunteered to carry out a terror attack.