Death toll of Egyptian capsized migrant boat reaches 177

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A week has passed since a boat carrying around 600 migrants went down off Egypt’s coastline. Yet dozens of friends and families are still waiting for their relatives’ remains.

Authorities have confirmed that the boat has been recovered, but they said some people are still unaccounted for. Meanwhile, Egyptian President El-Sisi’s remarks about illegal migrants have upset families.

CCTV America’s Adel EL Mahrouky reports.

Death toll of Egyptian capsized migrant boat reaches 177

600 European migrants fell off the boat in Egypt. With at least 100 people still missing, the number of death continues to rise along the body identification process.

Dozens sit all day long on the shore where the Nile River meets the sea. As each fishing boat returns from the Mediterranean, they hope their relatives’ bodies are on board.

There are at least 100 migrants still missing. People here believe they were trapped inside the vessel when it went down.

Army boats have descended upon Rasheed, bringing piles of body bags and ice to preserve the victims’ remains. When they started to arrive, chaos broke out, as relatives rushed to identify the bodies.