World Health Summit focuses on improving global health infrastructures

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Health officials are gathering in Berlin for the World Health Summit. The head of the International Red Cross is focusing on Haiti’s recovery from Hurricane Matthew.

CCTV’s Guy Henderson reports. Follow Guy Henderson on Twitter @guyhendersonde

In Hurricane Matthew’s wake – an emerging health emergency. Help is coming to Haiti, gradually, as the death toll mounts.

In Berlin for the World Health Summit, the head of the International Red Cross said a lack of infrastructure poses a challenge for response teams.

The concern for a solid health system is not just in Haiti. Syria, Yemen, and South Sudan all face similar questions of whether a fragile health system can absorb similar environmental shocks.

And that is a focus at this annual event. A post-Ebola wake-up call and the start of a shift towards a far broader approach to healthcare.

New medicines may be vital for saving lives, but so, too, said experts, are the systems to deliver them. As one panelist here put it: that requires the many different parts of the global health community to “step out of their silos” and communicate better with each other.

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