Full Frame Video Editor

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Full Frame Video Editor

Responsibilities: Responsible for show preparation and assembly. Per producer instructions, acquire materials for content to be pre-produced for tapings.

This material will be delivered in a variety of ways and will come in a variety of technical specifications. When relevant, participate in pre-shoot discussions with producers and photographers about stylistic and logistical needs. Brainstorm ideas with field crew.

When appropriate, work with Creative department in developing on-screen graphics – inspect them for accuracy (if possible) and technical specs upon reception. 

Additional responsibilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Inspect said content for quality issues (video/audio levels, aspect, color, frame size, frame rate), and make corrections where needed using the best available methods.
  • Prepare/edit the pre-produced content per producer instructions
  • Deliver the pre-produced content to recipients using appropriate methods and – very importantly – in an agreed upon format
  • After the taping, acquire materials for show assembly, edit down to time per producer instructions, and make corrections when needed. This will require synchronizing multiple camera angles from the studio tapings
  • Export with agreed upon technical specifications, including legalized video/audio and the final audio mix (stereo/dual mono). Deliver to appropriate recipients (e.g. Sobey for CCTV, outsourced production house for closed captioning etc) using agreed upon methods
  • Archive completed episode according to standard for future use and re-edit

Qualifications/ Requirements:

  • Flexibility to work various shifts
  • Motivated self-starter who is able to work independently and in a team environment
  • Must have long-format, documentary and/or features experience

Desired Characteristics:

  • Journalism degree, web news experience and a second language are all pluses
  • Familiarize yourself intimately with the production tools available (various software, especially Edius) and sources of materials (music, stock footage, SFX etc).


TO APPLY SUBMIT RESUME TO: resumes@cgtnamerica.com

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