The Heat: Battle for Aleppo

The Heat

The City of AleppoOnce a great city, Aleppo is nearly completely destroyed

Pro-government forces have pushed deep into the besieged city of Aleppo — taking back territory held by rebel forces since 2012.

The Syrian army has reportedly ordered remaining opposition forces to leave or face “inevitable death”. The near collapse of the opposition comes amid a report of infighting – with one rebel group attacking another — seizing its ammunition, fuel and food. Backed by Russian military support and humanitarian assistance from China, President Bashar al-Assad’s forces are slowly retaking control. Leaving some to wonder whether Russia and China have emerged as effective counterweights to U.S. influence in the region.  

CCTV’s Alaa Ebrahim reports the latest from the ground.  
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Tonight’s panel takes a look at the future of Syria and the ongoing conflict to take back Aleppo:

  • Alexander Nekrassov, Russian policy analyst and former adviser to the Kremlin.
  • Shlomo Bolts, policy and advocacy Officer at the Syrian American Council.
  • He Wenping, director of African Studies at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences.
  • Mohamed Ali, Syrian journalist

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