Colombia’s FARC participates in ‘Mannequin Challenge’

World Today

Farc rebels in Colombia have posted a video of themselves doing the Mannequin Challenge.

The “Mannequin Challenge”—a viral craze that invites people to freeze in time as if they were a mannequin, has picked up unlikely participants.

The FARC—Colombia’s largest rebel group—that banded together in 1946 to fight inequality in Colombia at the time—just reached a peace deal with the Colombian government. The Colombian Congress ratified the revised peace agreement with the FARC after four years of negotiations, and a referendum rejection.

In a change from the typical revolutionary statements shared on their social media accounts, the group on Wednesday shared a video of the mannequin challenge.

The group tweeted that the idea behind participating in the viral #MannequinChallenge is to give people insight into what their lives look like.