The Heat: Reporters Roundtable on Two Sessions and Jeff Sessions

The Heat

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The first of two significant political meetings- what are called The Two Sessions got underway in Beijing on Friday.

President Xi Jinping and China’s top leadership were in attendance as the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference convened for its annual meeting. On Sunday, the National People’s Congress also begins its annual assembly. The two meetings help set China’s national agenda on major issues such as the economy.

To discuss the Two Sessions and China’s government:

  • Victor Gao, a Chinese international relations expert
  • Xia Peng, co-founder of the Zhuomo Cultural Media Company

In a week when U.S. President Donald Trump was praised for his Attorney General Jeff Sessionsaddress to a joint session of the United States Congress, he is again on the defensive as he deals with more controversy. His Attorney General, Jeff Sessions, is under fire for failing to disclose to Congress that he had meetings with Russia’s Ambassador to the U.S. during the presidential campaign. Sessions says he did nothing wrong and Trump is sticking with him.

Joining me now to discuss Jeff Sessions:

  • Julianne Malveaux, an economist, writer and political commentator
  • Lanhee Chen, a fellow with the Hoover Institution and he was Director of Policy for the Mitt Romney presidential campaign in 2012
  • Anton Fedyashin, professor of Russian history at American University


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