Search and rescue underway in Colombia following deadly floods

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In this handout photo released by the Colombian National Army, soldiers and rescue workers evacuate residents from the area in Mocoa, Colombia, Saturday, April 1, 2017. (Colombian Army Photo via AP)

Search-and-rescue operations are under way in Colombia following mammoth landslides. Over 250 are dead and hundreds are still missing in the southern village of Mocoa. The government has declared a state-of-calamity and hundreds of relief workers have been flown to the area.

CGTN’s Michelle Begue filed this report.

Search and rescue underway in Colombia following deadly floods

Over 200 people are dead and hundreds more still missing after a massive landslide buried the Colombian village of Mocoa. Torrential rains triggered the disaster, and flooding still threatens the area. The government has declared a state of calamity and search and rescue operations are currently underway.

The images coming out of Colombia’s Putumayo region are devastating.

It happened in Mocoa, just after midnight early Saturday morning. An avalanche of water triggered when three rivers overflowed causing a massive mudslide as residents slept. Entire families were wiped out.

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Many people are still missing, buried under debris. Survivors described the horror. Some say rocks, the size of houses, fell on them.

“I lost everything, I was able to get the two children out of the house, but we lost everything else. It is all rocks and sand,” one woman said.

As rescue operations continue, an exact death toll is still hard to confirm. The government has sent more than a thousand soldiers and police to assist in the rescue operation.

Families are trying to find their loved ones. Food, tents, and clothing are being flown in to help those who survived cope with one of the country’s worst natural disasters.