Motorcycle tours offer unique glimpse into Cuba

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Classic cars in Cuba are about as famous as the cigar, with colorful 1940s and 1950s models found at almost every corner. But the island is also home to a large number of vintage motorbikes, especially Harley Davidsons which, prior to the U.S. embargo, were imported by wealthy Cubans.

Today, Harleys are making a comeback and are becoming the preferred mode of transportation for adventurous tourists, who use them to travel across the island.

As Correspondent Michael Voss reports, there are even excursions organized by the most unique of tour guides: a man named Ernesto who is a motorbike aficionado, a Harley Davidson enthusiast and perhaps most importantly, the son of revolutionary icon Che Guevara.  

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Motorcycle tours by one-of-a-kind guide offer unique glimpse into Cuba

Harley Davidson motorcycle tours in Cuba get a boost from a unique guide: the son of legendary Che Guevara.