The Heat: The future of the Paris Climate accord

The Heat

US President Donald Trump shares a word with German Chancellor Angela Merkel, left, as Tunisia’s President Beji Caid Essebsi listens, at a G7 Summit expanded session, in the Sicilian town of Taormina, Italy, Saturday, May 27, 2017. A source at the Group of Seven summit says the seven wealthy democracies have reached a deal to give the Trump administration time to tell them whether the United States plans to stay in the Paris climate agreement. (Flavio Lo Scalzo/ANSA via AP)

It all started with a tweet. Early Wednesday, U.S. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to share that he will be making a decision on the Paris Climate agreement this week.

Media reports emerged, expecting the president to announce that the U.S. will be pulling out of the deal. In an off-camera White House press briefing, Sean Spicer said the president hasn’t made any decisions yet.

So what’s next for the international climate accord?

To discuss Trump’s decision and what it could mean for global climate change:

  • Nathan King, CGTN correspondent
  • Michael Dorsey, co-founder and vice president of strategy at U.S. Climate Plan
  • Tao Zhang, founder and managing director of the green innovation and investment firm, Dao Ventures
  • Frederick Palmer, senior fellow for climate and energy at The Heartland Institute