Early projections suggest Macron’s REM party winning majority

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Early projections suggest Macron's REM party winning majority

In France, millions have been voting in the first round of elections for the National Assembly.

Exit polls suggest President Emmanuel Macron’s party is heading for a majority, enabling him to rule with legislative backing.

CGTN’s Kate Parkinson reports.

Fresh from his landslide victory in the presidential election, Emmanuel Macron is on track to dramatically reshape the French parliament.

A month ago, there were doubts about whether Macron’s fledgling centrist party could come up with enough candidates for the parliamentary vote, let alone win a majority.

Across the country, many voters have thrown their support behind the new president

In a bid to shake up the parliament, half of Macron’s candidates are political newcomers who, like the president before he took the country’s top job, have never held elected office.

Macron’s party has also been boosted by a number of high-profile defections from the center right Republican party including his new Prime Minister Edouard Philippe.

Meanwhile, far right leader Marine Le Pen, who lost to Macron in the presidential race, is on track to win a seat in the French parliament for the first time.

She’s through to next Sunday’s second round runoff and is predicted to win.