Crisis in Venezuela tops agenda at OAS meeting in Mexico

World Today

The political and economic crisis in Venezuela remains near the top of the list at the OAS. This as Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro shakes up his military, following an investigation of alleged excess use of force during a riot in Caracas this week.

CGTN’s Franc Contreras reports.

At the 47th General Assembly of the Organization of American States in Cancun, foreign ministers from throughout the Americas struggled for a third consecutive day, but failed to create a unified resolution to address the crisis in Venezuela.

During this OAS General Assembly, the United States and its allies did not get the necessary two-thirds vote to put the issue of Venezuela on the OAS agenda again. Officials have been trying to creat a mediation group acceptable to both sides in Venezuela.

While foreign diplomats finalized their gathering in Cancun, Venezuelan opposition leaders in Caracas continue working overtime to criticize the Maduro government.

Meanwhile, protestors advanced toward Venezuela’s electoral headquarters on Monday, and Venezuelan security forces fired into the crowd. One person was killed and several others were wounded.

Venezuelan Interior Minster Nestor Luis Reverol called for an investigation into the possible use of excessive force by National Guard officers who allegedly used live bullets against the protestors. Following the incident, President Nicolas Maduro fired the head of Venezuela’s National Guard, along with the leaders of the Army, Navy and Strategic Command.

“I have decided to designate as the new commanding General of the Bolivarian National guard a revolutionary patriot, Major General Sergio Rivero Marcano. Welcome to the struggle in battling for peace,” Maduro said.