Poll reveals how people around the world view Trump

World Today

President Donald Trump listens during his meeting with U.S. Mayors and Governors for a Infrastructure Summit in the State Dinning Room of the White House in Washington, Thursday, June 8, 2017. (AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais)

For President Donald Trump, “America first” was both the theme of his campaign, as well as the overarching drive behind his administration’s policies.

A new survey by Pew Research of people in 37 nations shows that nearly half a year into his administration, an average of just 22 percent polled have confidence in Trump’s stance on international affairs.

Low global confidence in Trump leads to lower ratings for U.S.

By comparison, 64 percent had confidence in America’s role in the world under Trump’s predecessor, Barack Obama, the survey found.

While approval for Trump is down in all the countries polled, there are two exceptions: Russia and Israel.

Israeli approval of Trump was at 56 percent while Russian approval for the U.S. president was up to 53 percent.

Obama received much higher ratings at the end of his presidency than Trump gets today

Some of Trump’s policies were particularly polarizing. Withdrawal of U.S. support for international climate agreements saw 71 percent of those polled disapproving, and withdrawal from support for major trade agreements had a 72 percent disapproval rating.

Widespread disapproval of Trump's signature policy proposals

Of the countries polled, Trump’s personality characteristics were also seen as problematic. Seventy-five percent polled viewed him as arrogant, 65 percent viewed him as intolerant, and 62 percent as dangerous.

Despite the largely unfavorable view of Trump, the majority of those polled believed that relations between their countries and the United States will remain largely unchanged during Trump’s time in office.

Many do not expect relations with U.S. to change during Trump's tenure