Chinese president in Moscow for two-day visit

World Today

Shortly after President Xi arrived in Moscow he was greeted by Russia’s President Vladimir Putin at the Kremlin. The two leaders shook hands and proceeded for an informal round of talks and dinner to be held on Monday evening. 

It will be a busy schedule on Tuesday with formal talks expected to start around noon. A joint press conference expected later in the afternoon.

CGTN’s Daria Bondarchuk reports.

Vladimir Putin described the visit as “a major event” for bilateral ties. 

Some 10 inter-governmental cooperation agreements in areas such as trade, economy, connectivity, investment, media, and education expected to be signed – as well as various contracts worth some $10 billion.

It is the third time the two leaders met this year.

Important international issues are also on the agenda, such as combating terrorism, fighting ISIL in the Middle East and across the globe, as well as tensions on the Korean Peninsula.

Moscow and Beijing have a similar vision of the nature of the U.S. THAAD anti-missile system deployment in South Korea and the consequences it could have for the stability in the region.