Venezuelans seek economic opportunities in Mexico

Global Business

Political uncertainty and financial crisis has led many Venezuelans to seek a better life elsewhere. But life abroad is not easy either, especially when it come to finding work. That’s why some Venezuelans are creating their own jobs.

CGNT’s Franc Contreras reports.

Los Chamos is a Venezuelan restaurant located in an upper-middle class Mexico City neighborhood. The owner and waitress are both Venezuelan migrants. They make arepas – Venezuelan corn cakes stuffed with meats and vegetables.

The owner, Maril Guevara, says this is her first small business venture and she’s proud of it. Back in Caracas, she worked for the Venezuelan government’s education ministry. As tensions grew in her country, Guevara migrated to Mexico eight years ago with her husband and two daughters. She says newcomers are finding it harder to get work papers here. Opposition forces and many Venezuelan citizens blame the political crisis in their country for triple-digit inflation, which they say has led to a lack of food and medicine.

Venezuelans living in Mexico have responded by attempting to send medicine, diapers and milk to families back home.

The restaurant owner, Marile Guevara has been organizing relief efforts. With oil prices depressed and the economy in shambles, there’s even more pressure on Venezuelans living abroad to send funds back home.