Protests in Hamburg’s streets as G-20 Summit comes to a close

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A woman with ‘No G20 painted on her face’ smiles during a protest on the second day of the G-20 summit in Hamburg, northern Germany, Saturday, July 8, 2017, where the leaders of the group of 20 met for two days. (AP Photo/Michael Probst)

More anti-G-20 protests erupted in Hamburg. Hundreds of anti-capitalist demonstrators clashed with German police Saturday night. Several arrests were made.

At one point, protesters built a barricade on a landmark city bridge and set it on fire. Dozens of police have been injured during days of demonstrations against the G-20 Summit.

CGTN’s Natalie Carney reports from Hamburg.

As the colorful stream of people filled Hamburg streets, German police braced themselves for a third day of violent clashes.

Their causes are many; from anti-capitalists to anti-imperialists, open society to open boarders, and from free trade to free love.

“We think we have arrived in a multi polar world and there are other countries, like China that should play a greater role in this world,” said one of the demonstrators.

Protesters had been gathering in the center of Hamburg since early morning for what they hope will be a 100,000 person march across the city, protesting a variety of issues related to the G20. Despite days of violent confrontation with police officers, the protester who we spoke to claim they want to keep the protests peaceful.

Over three nights, riot police had been clashing with a small group of hard-left militants they say are bent on disrupting the city’s G-20 summit.

Heavy objects had been thrown at police officers, cars set ablaze, and shops looted. Police used water cannons and pepper spray to settle the disorderly crowds.

More than 20,000 police officers along with German Special Forces were deployed across the city. “This kind of violence against the police has reached a new dimension. Police officers have been shot with steel bullets, we found out that paving stones were placed on rooftops, Molotov cocktails were prepared. We had to assume that there were plans to throw down paving stones and Molotov cocktails from the rooftops onto police officers, a serious threat to the lives and physical condition of the police officers,” Timo Zill, Hamburg Police Spokesman said.

Police said more than 160 officers were injured while more than 100 people taken into custody.

Hamburg is a city known for its left wing activism, with many questioning why German Chancellor Angela Markel staged such a controversial event here, particularly with federal elections around the corner.

Demonstrators hoped for 100,000 participants, but Hamburg police said that the crowd numbered around 22,000.

Still, as world leaders leave Hamburg, many of the peaceful activists hoped that their message was heard and not hijacked by the ugly violence of a small handful of radicals.