China’s new two-child policy could aid growing aging population

Global Business

The historic shift from China’s one-Child policy to allowing couples to have two children could eventually help ease China’s growing aging population, one professor said.

Sociology and Population Studies Professor Chen Wei of China’s Renmin University said China’s current low birth rate and increasing elderly population will impact the economy as the labor force is decreasing.


He estimates that the new two-Child policy will lead to 20 million new children. And while he does not believe that will play a “decisive role” in China’s economy, he said the growth will help in supporting the economy.

“They will contribute to the increase of domestic demand, including the education market and real-estate market,” he said, but added that the most important factor in growing the economy is economic reforms.


CGTN reporter Hu Chao talked to some Beijing residents about the policy shift.

“If couples are allowed to have two children, many social problems like labor shortages, can be resolved. Besides, I think it will be good for kids themselves,” one Beijing resident who did not give a name said.

“I think it’s good that couples can have a second child. Unlike my child, future couples can share the burden of supporting their parents on both sides with their siblings,” another resident who also did not give a name said. “Life will be much easier.”