Security tight in Jerusalem as Palestinians observe “day of rage”

World Today

Security is tight in Jerusalem, after clashes between Palestinian worshipers and Israeli police. This, as Palestinians observe a “day of rage.”

It’s in response to an Israeli government move to screen worshipers entering the iconic Al Aqsa Mosque – Islam’s third-holiest site.

CGTN’s Stephanie Freid reports.

Mass prayer outside of the Al Aqsa mosque. It’s a deliberate protest against screening devices installed days ago at the mosque entrance. Proof, Palestinian leaders said, of Israel’s attempt to extend control over the mosque compound.

The metal detectors were installed after 2 Israeli police officers were shot to death nearby. The attackers reportedly came from inside the mosque compound before the attack and fled back to it, after. Tensions have remained high in Jerusalem since.

So high that after Wednesday midday prayers outside Al Aqsa ended, violence unfolded, stirring up enough mayhem to justify tossing stun grenades into the crowd and carrying out arrests.

Israel said it wants security, while Palestinians are arguing they want Israeli soldiers out of their holy sites. Israel’s government will not agree to that scenario. One of Judaism’s holiest sites is also housed within the same compound.