Wife gives birth to daughter of slain Chinese-American police officer

World Today

In New York City, the widow of the first Chinese-American police officer killed in the line of duty has given birth to their daughter – two-and-a-half years after her husband was slain.

CGTN’s John Terrett reports.

Baby Angelina doesn’t know yet her father, Wenjian Liu, died a hero of the New York Police Department.

She only arrived on Tuesday morning at 6 pounds 13 ounces. Cuddled in her mother Pei Xia Chen’s arms and already wearing an NYPD hat to keep her head warm.

It was days before his funeral, as Wenjian Liu lay in a Brooklyn hospital, his stricken wife was asked if she wanted his semen preserved so she might someday have his child. The answer was “Yes” and the result is Angelina, born two-and-a-half years after her dad was killed.

It was a brutal killing. Officer Wenjian Liu and his partner officer Rafael Ramos were fatally shot at point blank range as they sat in their patrol car in December 2014. They were killed by a mentally ill man who hated police. He famously posted on social media that he was, “putting wings on pigs today,” a slang term for police.

At his funeral, Wenjian Liu’s widow Chen called her husband, “My hero.”

Wenjian Liu’s father, Wei Tang Liu, said losing his son was the saddest day of his life. He brought him here from Guangzhou in 1994. But now, all that is in the past. Angelina’s birth is proof that good can come from evil. A little Chinese miracle in the Big Apple.