Latin hit song “Despacito” is the most streamed music track ever

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Despacito“Despacito” is the most streamed song ever, with more than five billion plays across all platforms around the world.

The Latin smash hit song “Despacito” is taking the world by storm. Seven months after its release, it has become the most streamed track ever, bringing down cultural and language barriers and perhaps changing music at the same time.

CGTN’s Nitza Soledad Perez reports on the popularity of the song. 

If you listen to music, there’s a good chance you’ve heard the lyrics. Despacito is the most streamed song ever, with more than five billion plays across all platforms around the world as of July 20.

The hit single made its debut in January. The song is in Spanish, written by Puerto Rican singer Luis Fonsi and interpreted by both Fonsi and rapper Daddy Yankee.
“The song has managed to cross borders and languages. Thanks to Latin people’s support, I know that more than ever. Now we have a song in many languages. It has reached a lot of people, but it has a Latin label. That’s what I’m proud of, because the success of the song is not mine, it is for the Latin music,” says Fonsi.  

“Despacito” is a big hit in China

The remixed version featuring Justin Bieber has topped the charts in 35 countries. In the U.S., it’s been number one for 10 consecutive weeks, in Spain for 17 and in the UK for nine.

Daddy Yankee, Reggaeton Artist says,  “When I hear my music on the radio, it’s impressive, number one, and it’s in Spanish and that means that it doesn’t matter in which language you sing, it’s all about making great music and music that people can connect to.”

Most of the song’s success comes from YouTube. Three billion people around the world have watched the video.

“It is the power of streaming that got me to this point,” Yankee says. 

People in Miami on the popularity of “Despacito”

When it comes to streaming, records are being broken with regularity, changing the music industry as we know it.

“Before, we could have an amazing track, an amazing album… but we needed an executive to give us the blessing to release in another country,” Mayna Nevarez, a music industry analyst said. 

Streaming platforms allow artists to better spread their music.

“If they know how to maximize the data they get from streaming companies, they can do really targeted campaigns and start bringing more fans to the fan base,” Nevarez said. 

Fans across the world have come up with their own Despacito versions in various languages, including Mandarin.

Even the singing dentist gave it a go.

The Despacito phenomenon could become the new normal. There is a big demand for streaming in Latin America, so expect the Latino audiences to increasingly shape future hits and music demand.