More Chinese students attend summer camps in US

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More Chinese students attend summer camps in US

Growing numbers of Chinese students are spending their summers in the United States. The trend has spawned a mini industry to cater to families, who want their children to have a taste of American life.

But there’s also pressure on the students, as CGTN’s Owen Fairclough reports.

An evening at the lake watching water sports over hotdogs and a little Michael Jackson, it doesn’t get much more American.

The students from Jiangsu province are spending part of their summer in rural Wisconsin to improve their English and sample U.S. life. This kind of discovery doesn’t come cheap.

The families of the students have paid up to $6,000 for what’s called a full immersion experience that will take them from Wisconsin to stays in New York and Chicago.

And although incomes are rising, these immersion programs remain an exclusive learning opportunity.

Many are aiming to join the 300,000 or so Chinese students enrolled in U.S. universities.

This program in Wausau helped propel four students toward U.S. degree programs, and there’s pressure to follow in their footsteps because it includes passing necessary exams – such as learning English.

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