Families begin to rebuild a week after Hurricane Harvey

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Families begin to rebuild a week after Hurricane Harvey

One week, after Hurricane Harvey made landfall. The White House is expected to request billions-of-dollars for immediate aid. With the flood waters receding, the death toll is rising at least 46 people have died from the storm.

Tens-of-thousands are still out of their homes. But for those who have returned, the long and expensive process of repairing and rebuilding, has begun.

Hendrick Sybrandy reports from Houston.

The Bellaire neighborhood, on Houston’s west side, has seen hurricanes and experienced flooding but never this much water in such a short amount of time.

Families are returning to their homes to haul away possessions which Hurricane Harvey soaked and smashed. The rain is gone. But the water, which was several feet high in many of the homes, left its mark.

Water released from two reservoirs which protect downtown Houston could keep 20,000 homes submerged for another two weeks.

Tens of thousands of people remain in emergency shelters. Crews continue to look for those who may still be trapped in their homes. The cleanup across Texas is expected to cost tens of billions of dollars and last years.

The rebuilding will last a lot longer than the storm itself.