Dreamer recovering from Hurricane Harvey fears worst after DACA decision

World Today

Dreamers in Texas are left picking up the pieces of their communities and their lives. CGTN’s Sean Callebs spoke to one family in Texas dealing with aftermath of the storm, and Trump’s DACA decision.

The debris lining the streets in the Lakewood section of Houston tells a story. People are rolling up their sleeves and beginning what will be a massive clean-up.

When Houston began to flood in the wake of Harvey, 28-year-old Cristina Gonzalez and her family waited until the last minute and waded through chest deep water to escape.

The family is in the early stages of cleaning up and trying to rebuild the home where they live. But Cristina is now mired in another problem. Her parents brought her to Texas from Monterrey, Mexico when she was 12-years-old. Cristina is a DACA recipient, and facing uncertainty. She’s keeping one eye on the news while trying to clean-up.

Cristina has taken full advantage of the Obama-era program that allowed children of undocumented immigrants to live, study and work in the U.S. She’s in the final stages of working toward her Master’s degree in psychology -and wants to get a PhD in counseling.

Texas, especially Houston, has a large Latino population. The state has roughly 124,000 DACA recipients.

Many people like Cristina said they were keeping an open mind, and giving President Trump the benefit of the doubt. But they said announcing the decision on DACA now, as the region comes to grips with a multi-billion dollar disaster, seems heartless.

Congress is back in session, and Trump wants members to overhaul DACA within six months.