Public fears damaged buildings in Mexico City will collapse

World Today

It’s been six days since a major earthquake rocked Central Mexico, destroying buildings and leaving thousands homeless. Survivors fear that at any moment, damaged buildings could also fall.

CGTN’s Franc Contreras reports.

Drone images show the massive damage done to buildings the day after a 7.1 earthquake shook Mexico City to its foundations.

On Monday, rescue teams continued digging through the rubble of a building in the Colonia Roma neighborhood. Search dogs indicate that people are still alive under tons of broken concrete and twisted metal.

A presidential spokesman said that in total, nearly 50,000 buildings were completely destroyed after both the Sept 7 earthquake in southern Mexico, and the Sept. 19 earthquake in the capital.

CGTN visited the Portales neighborhood, where several residential buildings collapsed. The Mexican Army is in the neighborhood, protecting it in the event that more buildings come down.

Several federal and local government buildings were damaged. Some government workers are concerned it is unsafe to go inside them.

The Mexican government has inspected damaged buildings and found many too dangerous to inhabit. As a result, thousands have been left homeless across southern and central Mexico