Tech products vying to be next big hit of holiday season at Pepcom

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Pepcom’s Holiday Spectacular brings together journalists and tech companies wanting to show off their latest products. All of the items are either in stores or will be in the next few months.

That includes established brands like Epson, Lego and Logitech, as well as startups you’ve probably never heard of, in hopes of becoming household names.

CGTN’s Karina Huber reports.

That’s what happened to former Pepcom exhibitor, GoPro. The company that revolutionized so called “action cameras” is now worth roughly $1.6 billion.

“Well, we have a very eclectic group of companies that exhibit and it’s anything from an app company to a home appliance company to a toy company,” said Jennifer Jones, Pepcom Client Representative.

For the young set, there’s the new Play-Doh Touch that lets kids brings their handmade creations to life on a screen. Lego showcased some of its robotic offerings that you can build and code. 3D Doodler, which funded itself through Kickstarter and says it now has $20 million, has a new 3D printer kit.

John Falcone, who reviews products at CNET for a living, said remote control homes are king right now.

“I think the biggest thing you’re seeing especially as we ramp up for the holidays is smart home and connected home,” said Falcone.

Petnet has a smartfeeder that lets you feed your cat remotely. It stores up to seven pounds of food. Ecobee has a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat that lets you control the temperature from afar. All of the devices are tied together with one of three ecosystems: Google Home, Apple Homekit or Amazon Echo.

“What’s great about all this stuff is whether it’s an app on your phone or a voice control with your smartspeaker you can be feeding the dog, you can be looking in the backyard, you can be answering for the UPS guy at the door and letting them put the package in and close it again and lock it behind them. All that’s possible with these smart home products that they have,” Falcone said.

The smarthome devices may not be cheap enough to qualify as a stocking stuffer. For more affordable options, there’s the new iPhone impact protection case by Catalyst that claims it is drop proof up to three meters. It’s selling for under $40.

Wireless headphones have also become a lot less pricey. These ones by ifrogz sell for less than $35, a price point most associated with wired earphones.

“ifrogz as a brand is really about trying to bring Bluetooth audio to the masses. We’re all about stripping out the features that unnecessarily drive cost and delivering a premium audio experience to people that is unexpectedly good for the price that they pay,” said Jeff Dubois, Zagg Director of Public Relations.

Roughly 75 companies are showcasing their latest products. The hope is that over the next few months, they can garner enough buzz for them to make them the must have item this holiday season.