The Heat: Catalonia pushes for independence from Spain

The Heat

Catalonia Crisis

Catalan President Carles Puigdemont is expected to address the regional parliament Tuesday, but it’s still unclear if he’ll declare independence.

More than two million Catalans voted to break away from Spain in the October first referendum. But 57 percent of the voters stayed away from the polls. Madrid declared the vote unconstitutional.

On Friday, the Spanish government apologized for the use of violence by police after nearly 900 people were injured at the polls.

Thousands of people have since turned to the streets to rally for and against Catalonia’s independence.

CGTN’s Guy Henderson reports from Barcelona.

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To discuss Catalonia’s push for independence:

  • Isabel-Helena Marti, a member of the Catalan National Assembly in Barcelona.
  • Federiga Bindi, a senior fellow with Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.
  • Daniel Gascon, the editor of the Spanish magazine, “Letras Libres.”
  • Alberto Avendano, the Washington Bureau Chief for the National Association of Hispanic Publications.

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