55 million Chinese lifted out of poverty over past four years

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Poverty reduction is expected to be a big topic during the 19th China National Congress. Over the past four years, China has lifted 55 millions of people out of poverty. China’s State Council has released new details on the achievements, and the challenges ahead.

CGTN’s Meng Qingsheng has more.

“Priorities such as targeted poverty alleviation have gained ground,” Liu Yongfu, Director of Poverty Alleviation of the State Council said at the media briefing on Tuesday. It is one of the best solutions to achieve sustainable development goals.

“We have established an institutional framework for poverty reduction,” Liu Yongfu added. “Thanks to the concerted efforts made by all areas, the number of those living in poverty has been reduced significantly.”

But despite progress, major difficulties still face people living in deep poverty. Prominent problems such as poverty caused by illness still need to be tackled.

It can be a difficult and expensive task to solve all those issues. There are several factors contributing to the difficulties, such as insufficient efforts to properly implement poverty reduction policies. Certain areas also suffer from excessive bureaucracy. At the same time, some of China’s poverty-stricken population are not sufficiently motivated to improve their lives.

China launched large-scale poverty relief programs back in 1986. Current achievements highlight education, medical care and housing. Measures to secure this upward momentum include strengthening local management, encouraging sustainable businesses, and providding favorable policy support.

More than 55 million people were lifted out of poverty between 2013 and 2016. That means, each year, an average of nearly 14 million people saw their lives improve, as they reached an annual income of at least 2,300 yuan. It’s all part of China’s ambitious poverty reduction campaign to ensure that by 2020 no one in the country is living in poverty.