The Dominican Republic looks to mobilize ahead of the next big storm

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The destruction left by Hurricane Maria may take years to recuperate from. One country that was so spooked by the storm is now anxiously preparing itself for the next big one. The Dominican Republic.

Puerto Rico is still suffering from the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria in September. Experts say it is uncertain how long it will take for the island to recover to a full sense of normalcy but it could take over a decade. Many also say the storm’s intensity is a taste of things to come with changing weather patterns around the globe.

Some of Puerto Rico’s neighbors in the Caribbean are looking at how the island got ready for and reacted to Maria because they fear that they too will be exposed to bigger storms in the future.

According to the National Hurricane Center in the United States, hurricane season lasts from June 1st to November 30th each year. So the danger of another hurricane this season still exists.

Correspondent Harris Whitbeck reports from Santo Domingo on hurricane preparedness in the Dominican Republic.