Startup hopes to boost bottom line by calculating company culture

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Only a few months into its existence, and Berlin-based start-up, Bunch, has decided to celebrate.

It believes it has a product that will take the market by storm, a software that calculates a company’s culture, and matches it with a candidate’s character.

CGTN’s Guy Henderson reports.

“Bunch basically provides information at a finger-tip, about your certain team and your team dynamic,” Bunch CEO Darja Gutnik said. “It measures certain PPI’s such as cultural alignment and helps you to figure out how to work better with your colleagues, so how to deal with conflict but also: how to find the right people to join the team”.

There are only a dozen or so staff in the office – but already offering services in several countries in Europe and beyond.

Germany might seem like the natural place to start – its start-up is scene booming; its economy is high-tech savvy.

Indeed, this firm providing a platform for crowdfunding has used Bunch for its recruitment process; and to work out more precisely what its core values are.

Kapilendo is pretty happy so far.

“Usually when you talk about culture it’s a soft issue, something that’s quite hard to define,” Kapilendo Chief Financial Officer Ralph Pieper said. “What this tool gives us is first of all a framework to talk about an issue, to discuss it, to have a terminology for it, and on the other hand a way to actually measure something. So you have something that’s quite objective, as much as it can be in this field, to actually measure and actively steer culture”.

Research suggests replacing employees can cost a firm up to 30 percent of that person’s annual salary.

Bunch claims its software can boost revenues five-fold, by helping get the right people, and then keeping them.

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