A former military-training site that made an island sick

Americas Now

Many eyes are on Puerto Rico these days, after Hurricane Maria left the island of 3.5 million people without basic services. Getting less attention is tiny Vieques, an island that’s part of Puerto Rico, and home to just 9,000 people. Vieques too has been decimated. But it’s been grappling with an emergency situation for decades.

Vieques was practically cut-off from civilization after Hurricane Maria. In addition to almost no communication, running water or fuel, medications have been scarce. Lines at the pharmacy are extremely long and the island’s only hospital had its generator stolen.

Correspondent Gerry Hadden visited Vieques before it was hit by Hurricane Maria. He reports on the ongoing fallout from 60 years of U.S. Navy bombing there, and how it’s affected people’s health.