Police arrest two suspects in Beijing kindergarten child abuse scandal

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Police arrest two suspects in Beijing kindergarten child abuse scandal

Beijing police have arrested two people in a kindergarten child abuse case.  And in the United States, law firms are investigating the kindergarten’s China based holding company.

CGTN’s Su Xiaoxiao reports.

One teacher has been arrested. Another person, detained for spreading false information. And the head of the kindergarten has been dismissed.

These are the latest developments in Beijing’s Red Yellow Blue (or RYB) kindergarten abuse case, which has sent shock waves across China.

Police action, however, may not be enough to ease public fury and suspicion.

Last week, some parents reported to police their belief that their children had been molested and drugged at the kindergarten. They also posted about the alleged incidents on the internet – prompting not only public outrage, but a spate of rumors as well.

One suspect was arrested for linking the abuse to a special force that safeguards the capital. Police also detained two others for suggesting a senior party official is involved with the kindergarten.

But police have yet to make any details of their investigation public, so much of the true nature of the abuse and what’s behind any rumors remains unknown.

The RYB company operates about 1,800 kindergartens across China, and this is not the first time that the company has faced child abuse allegations.

Last year, four teachers from an RYB kindergarten in Northeast China’s Jilin province were sent to prison for child abuse that took place in 2015. That case also involved needle marks.

The scandals are also affecting RYB’s business overseas. Its stock price dropped nearly 40 percent on the New York Stock Exchange Friday. Law firms launched investigations against RYB for suspected violation of U.S. securities law.

Parents and children involved, however, have little interest in RYB’s financial troubles. They simply want justice, and Chinese authorities have vowed to deliver it.

The Education ministry has ordered a nationwide check on all kindergartens.