Arab League FMs unite to condemn Trump’s Jerusalem decision

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Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas is in Cairo making a surprise emergency state visit.
His trip comes after Arab Foreign Ministers rejected U.S. President Donald Trump’s decision, recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.

They say it violates international law and threatens the peace process.

CGTN’s Adel El-Mahrouky reports.

At the Arab League headquarters, foreign ministers rushed to announce a unified stance over Jerusalem. They stressed that the decision isolates the United States from the region, and there will be no peace without making the holy city a Palestinian capital.

“We didn’t exclude Trump. He excluded himself and his country from taking any mediating role in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict,” Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyad Al-Maliki said. “He has failed the exam before it started, and has proved his ignorance of the gravity of this decision and its reflection on peace. And it deprived the United States from taking any leading role in the peace process in the region.

Jordanian Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi said that while everyone wants peace, this cannot happen with a free and independent Palestine and Jerusalem.

Even Washington’s biggest allies stressed that Trump’s move had lost the White House its role as a sponsor for peace while weakening its ties with Arab countries. 

America’s ties with Arab countries are already in jeopardy. Over the weekend, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas and religious figures in Egypt rejected a meeting with U.S. Vice President Pence during his scheduled trip to the Middle East at the end of December. It’s a first sign that the U.S. is no longer welcome.

Beyond their firm statements, however, they didn’t present any further measures against the United States.