Brazil considers removing ambassador from Venezuela as reciprocal measure

World Today

Venezuela’s Constituent Assembly is working to expel Brazilian and Canadian diplomats.

The two countries have criticized alleged human-rights abuses.

Brazil’s has threatened to take reciprocal measures against Venezuela.

Paulo Cabral reports.

The Brazilian government says it has not yet been notified of Venezuelas decision.

The ministry of foreign affairs already issued a statement saying that if the decision was confirmed it would reciprocate, meaning the Venezuelan Ambassador to Brazil, Alberto Padilla, could also be expelled.

The statement also says this attitude shows the authoritarian character of the government of Nicholas Maduro and their lack of disposition for dialogue.

The decision to declare Brazilian Ambassador Ruy Pererira persona non grata was announced by the president of Venezuela’s National Constituent Assembly, Delcy Rodriguez.

She said it was a reaction to what Venzuela sees as a rupture of democracy and the Constitution in Brazil, in reference to the impeachment of president Dilma Rousseff which brought to power the current administration of Michel Temer.

Venezuela had a close ally in the government of Dilma Rousseff and in the previous Worker’s Party governments, headed by Lula da Silva.

Temer’s administration, on the other hand, is highly critical of Maduro’s government and very vocal about Venezuelan politics.

Just a couple of days ago, Brazil’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a statement criticizing what it called Maduro’s government continued harassment of the opposition.

It’s not clear yet when or how the Brazilian government will react but tensions between the two governments are running high – and likely to remain like this.