Arctic chill sets in across northern US and Canada

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Lake Michigan is steaming in the morning as temperatures dipped below zero at North Avenue Beach, Tuesday, Dec. 26, 2017, in Chicago. Meteorologists warn of sub-zero frigid arctic air and dangerously cold wind chills. (Nancy Stone/Chicago Tribune via AP)

Freezing conditions that have persisted for the past few days are set to continue across the northern United States and Canada. The deep freeze is set to continue well into the new year. One town in Minnesota set a record, with the temperature dropping to minus 37 degrees Celsius.

CGTN’s DAN Williams has more from Chicago. 

The brutal cold snap that swept across huge swaths of the northern United States a few days ago continues to cause disruption and concern. And the arctic chill is set to last for days to come. 

Temperatures plummeted in some areas to minus 35 degrees Fahrenheit – that’s negative 37 degrees Celsius. In Chicago, the high temperature forecast for the next week is unlikely to creep above minus seven degrees Celsius or below 20 degrees Fahrenheit.  And that’s before factoring in the wind chill. The main river that runs through Chicago has frozen over. 

The freezing temperatures have already caused deaths across the region. And there is a real concern the situation could worsen further, especially for vulnerable groups. 

In Chicago, charities have rushed to help the thousands of city homeless, to provide shelters, daytime comfort zones and hot meals. 

The situation in Chicago and many other cities across the north remains desperate for vulnerable groups. With temperatures set to remain brutally cold for days to come. 

Authorities are warning revelers going out to celebrate New Year’s Eve to be careful – to wrap up extra warm and to only travel if necessary.